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Para Tech Coating, Inc. Aliso Viejo, California, United States

Para Tech Coating, Inc. has been offering Parylene conformal coating products and services to a wide range of customers since 1968. We are a world leader in the field and are renowned for our high quality and friendly customer support, provided to you by a team of dedicated professionals.

Plastico Industries Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Plastico Industries is a comprehensive coating company offering thermo plastic coating solutions to all industries. Specializing in squeak and rattle proofing, corrosion protection, wear resistance, while maintaining tight tolerances, we are the Canadian industry leader. Focusing on quality and service, our professional team will take care of all your needs.

The following is a quick reference guide, which outlines all of the different processes that Plastico Industries can offer:

* Plastisol coating
* Nylon powder coating
* Vinyl powder coating
* Dip moldings

Polymer Dynamics, Inc. Houston, Texas, United States

Originally developed for the NASA space exploration programs, polymer coatings have since been used successfully in various commercial and industrial applications. In 1979, Polymer Dynamics Inc. (PolyDyn) developed PolyDyn Performance Coatings, the finest performance engine coatings and applications available for automotive and racing engine components, as well as many industrial applications. We’re committed to research and development – continually offering new products and serving the needs of customers just like you.

Coatings Exchange

Connect. Share. Learn More Today. Coatings Exchange is a global social network for product designers and equipment manufacturers who use coatings or are considering coatings in their workplace. Join the conversation. Tell us what you think. Connect with peers in any number of relevant groups. Learn from people in your position, location, industry or who share common surface engineering challenges. We welcome your suggestions along the way.more..

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