Surface Solutions Group, LLC


5170 N. Northwest Highway
Chicago, IL 60630
United States
Phone: 773-427-2084
Fax: 773-282-9155


Surface Solutions Group, LLC was founded specifically to develop and apply coatings for the medical industry.

The Surface Solutions Group team consists of chemists, engineers, technicians and executives, each with a minimum of 10 years of functional coating application experience. Collectively, our team has more than a hundred years experience of combined resources, talent and expertise. Surface Solutions Group, LLC is an ISO 2001:2008 compliant operation and will have ISO 2001:2008 certification by the 3rd quarter of 2009.

A completely new facility has been designed and constructed featuring seamless, anti-microbial floors, seamless anti-microbial walls, anti-microbial ceilings, and ultra-filtered air. The facility is designed and constructed as a "green facility" incorporating final ultra filtration of all the exhaust air leaving the building with the lowest possible carbon footprint. All compressed air used in the facility is hospital quality, oil-free air. Class 10,000 and 100,000 clean room environments are part of the facility design.

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