Sub-One Technology


4464 Willow Road. Bldg. 103,
Pleasanton, CA 94588
United States
Phone: 925-924-1020
Fax: 925-924-1025


Sub-One Technology is the market leader in advanced coatings for internal surfaces. Its patented InnerArmor coating process applies a high-performance, chemically inert, protective coating which reduces operational costs. InnerArmor technology blocks corrosion, reduces erosion, stops abrasion and prevents fouling, while maximizing flow. The InnerArmor process deposits hard, smooth, pure coatings on the internal surfaces of a broad spectrum of products ranging from small metal components to long, large diameter production pipes. The net result: unprecedented levels of protection. InnerArmor applications range across a wide spectrum of industries benefiting virtually any function involving the handling or movement of fluids or gases.

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