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Reparex is a leading provider of wear resistant coatings and linings that are specifically selected and designed to extend the productive life of material handling equipment, thereby reducing plant downtime and maintenance costs. Our solutions are highly resistant to the abrasive effects of bulk materials such as silica, ore, glass, slag, fly ash, limestone, coal, coke, feed, grain, fertilizer, salt and other highly abrasive materials. With more than 30 years of experience, we are expert in providing retrofit replacement parts for your existing equipment. We can offer you new components or we have the capability to rebuild and refurbish old components with new abrasion resistant properties. With our machining and diamond grinding capabilities we are able to provide lined or coated products finished to precision tolerances. Our design team understands wear problems and can specify a material or combination of materials to suit your operational environment. Material properties, engineering tolerances, attachment methods, and material costs are all considered in a Reparex solution. Our expertise in materials, computer design, and our unique application technologies give Reparex a technical edge. Our major strength is the ability to provide the right lining or coating to meet the demands of virtually any environment. We offer our customers a one-stop-shop for superior wear systems that eliminate frequent downtime for repairs and substantially extend the service life of your equipment.

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