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Heresite Protective Coatings have been used for decades to solve corrosion problems in almost every industry.

They include, Transportation Industry: Railcar, Tank Truck Trailers and ISO Tanks, Refineries and Chemical Plants: Storage Tanks, Water boxes, Pressure Vessels, Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers, Tube Sheets, Channels, and all types of Piping . Maintenance Coatings: Heresite air dry coatings are used on all types of equipment exposed to various corrosive fumes and spills. Secondary Containment: The Heresite epoxies, epoxies phenolics, and polyesters are used successfully in this service. Waste Water Treatment Facilities: Storage Tanks, Vessels, for strong acids and alkalis, Duct Work and Piping, for the most corrosive fumes such as Hydrogen Sulfide, Fans and Blowers and Maintenance Coatings. Pulp and Paper: Storage tanks and Vessels that hold the most severe chemicals, Secondary Containment and Maintenance Coatings, Tank Truck.

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