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Complete Line of temporary protective peelable coatings to provide temporary masking , protection, decoration or long term preservation. Applied as a liquid by spray ,roller or brush, these coatings dry to form a skin-tight plastic film which can simply be peeled away when required, without damage to the substrate surface.

General Chemical is a worldwide supplier of fast drying peelable Coatings and strippable coatings for temporary protective coatings of various surfaces such as Glass, Metals, Thermosetting Plastics, Acrylics, Cement Floors, Paint Booths, Decals, Non porous Wood, Bath Tubs, Windows and other surfaces for temporarily protection during industrial process or material handling. General Chemical has a complete line of peelable coatings to meet your challenging requirements. If we do not have something to meet your specific needs, then we will work closely with you to develop the right product...

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