Fluoro-Seal International, L.P.


16360 Park Ten Place, Suite 325
Houston, TX 77084
United States
Phone: 281-578-1440
Fax: 281-578-3159


Since 1983, Fluoro-Seal has been treating polyolefin bottles for enhanced barrier properties. Today, we treat more than just containers. And we transform more than just the barrier properties of plastics. Fluoro-Seal continues to develop treatment processes that enable our clients to push the traditional boundaries of how plastics are used and where.

Fluoro-Seal has treated over 1.5 billion plastic bottles and containers as well as articles of all shapes and sizes from sheets of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW PE) to medical devices to bolts of fabric to geosynthetics.

Currently we have ten toll plants and two captive facilities in the U.S. in addition to seven international sites either jointly owned or licensed in Canada, England, France, Germany, Australia, and Mexico

Fluoro-Seal's team of engineers and scientists know how to improve the barrier and adhesion properties of plastics. And we have seen how surface-modification can bring about deep changes to the way you work. Ask us how Fluoro-Seal's surface modification can transform the plastics you use and open new markets in your industry.

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