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Founded in 1997, CERAMIC REINFORCED TECHNOLOGIES (CRT) has focused on developing applications to take advantage of its patented ceramic reinforced fluoropolymer technology. The technology has demonstrated improved wear and film strength performance in most fluoropolymer applications versus a ceramic or fluoropolymer used individually and in particular PTFE.

To date, most of CRT’s work has been concentrated in polymer additives, processing aids, and lubricants. In these applications, CERFLON® additives have outperformed existing additives.

CRT was built on the work of four (4) senior professionals who have an extensive network of key contacts within the lubricants, chemical, automotive and aerospace industries. CRT also has a network of technical partners to further enhance the technology consisting of researchers at ceramic, fluoropolymer and dispersion manufacturers as well as funded University research grants and its licensee’s customer base.

CRT has also created another patented technology that provides a method to apply a fluoropolymer film on heat exchanger surfaces to improve corrosion resistance without sacrificing heat transfer.

CRT has partnered with Asahi Glass Fluoropoymers USA and in dispersion technology with Acheson Colloids, an ICI company. Shell Pennzoil-Quaker State Co. is also a licensee of CRT. These industry leaders will market the patented technologies under the trademarks CERFLON® and CERTEX™.

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