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We believe the future growth of industrial coatings will be through online communities for sales, marketing, support, and innovation.

That's why we are helping industrial coatings companies like yours become more interesting, noteworthy, and remarkable. So you can find deep, meaningful connections with your customers. And your brand becomes a real story.

Industrial Coatings World LLC is produced with your customers in mind—the machine designers, product engineers, and equipment manufacturers across the globe. Whatever your markets of interest: aerospace/military, agriculture, automotive/performance racing, chemical processing, electronics, food processing, machining/cutting, marine/transportation/architecture, medical/dental/pharmaceutical, packaging/printing, plastics/rubber/extrusion/molding—we will help you deliver the right message, to the right people, at the right time. And isn't that what selling is all about?

If you’re looking for help from motivated people with a proven track record, in an entrepreneurial culture—from a fast growing company reaching smart, target audiences—we may be just right for you.

Your membership here will not only impact your future, but ours and the lives of others in communities across the globe.

Advertising Advantages
with Industrial Coatings World LLC

  • Optimized to Help Users Find Trusted Resources Like You, Our Sponsors!
  • Exclusive Ad Space on Membership Company Profile Pages
  • Online Community Platform and News Service Connects You with Engineers, Product Designers and Equipment Manufacturers Across the Globe.
  • We will work tirelessly (and happily!) promoting you...helping boost your response rates and to increase your sales.
  • Up to 10% (yes, ten percent!) of our profit will be donated to causes for the treatment and cure for autism.
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    • 240x400: Displayed on sidebar on all pages.
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    Make your text-ad (located in our "Sponsor Links" section) a real, personalized, compelling, relevant message. Or we can do it for you! Choose from a number of popular-ranked search pages. We display up to 4 links at a time. So, get noticed. Have amazing visibility. Be at the epicenter of the industrial coatings world and be first in your customer's mind, all the time!

    Featured Articles and Rich Media

    Finally, here's your opportunity to become very special in your marketplace. Because your customers don't know you. Not like you think they do. Now is the time to stand out from the crowd. Be heard. Get remembered.

    Here's How to Get Started Right Now!

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