Design for Purity: Choose Halar® ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene copolymer by Solvay

Coat the Largest Pieces of Equipment with Industrial Fluoro-Plastics, Inc.

Bristol, PA–Halar® is a clear, semi-crystalline melt-process-able fluorinated resin. It is designed for electrostatic powder coatings and recommended particularly for surface protection and anti-corrosion environments.

Chemical, electrical, and thermal properties are impressive. And Halar® by Solvay is exceptionally pure, easily processed, has optimal permeation, flame resistance, toughness and mechanical properties.

For chemical processing, the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries; valves, piping, pumps, fans, chutes, blowers and more–Halar® is the clear choice.

Coat any size piece of equipment for the highest quality in ECTFE at a competitive price–with Industrial Fluoro-Plastics, Inc. Special computer-controlled ovens range from a standard lab size up to 14' by 14' by 45'. And our on-site (separate) facility includes all manner of preparation services, including grit blasting.

To date, the largest work-piece we have coated," shares Bob Chavez, President of Industrial Fluoro-Plastics," includes a 33 foot long by 8 foot diameter, weighing an incredible 54,000 pounds." Additionally, Industrial Fluoro-Plastics, Inc. is planning to coat an even larger structure at 62,000 lbs and 35 feet coming soon.

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