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Advanced Polymer Coatings Avon, Ohio, United States

Advanced Polymer Coatings Ltd., (APC) has emerged as an innovative leader by developing patented Siloxirane® polymer resins and forging these resins into hard-working corrosion control solutions.

Advanced Polymer Coatings Avon, Ohio, United States

APC manufactures a full range of polymer-based coating systems geared to meet demanding industrial requirements for corrosion, high temperature and abrasion resistance. These polymer coatings are highly effective against extreme corrosion and erosion, with a temperature resistance capability up to 500°F (260°C).

The APC family of coatings provides long-term, cost-effective protection of equipment used in chemical, petro-chemical, storage/ secondary containment, flooring, power generation, marine, railroad and over-the-road transportation industries.

APV Engineered Coatings Akron, Ohio, United States

For more than 130 years, APV Engineered Coatings has provided products and services to an extensive array of markets and industries.

Because of our superior custom formulation capabilities, we can design products specifically tailored to meet each customer's requirements. This technological advantage allows us to continually find new innovations and opportunities to expand both our product line and customer base.

Bayer MaterialScience AG

Bayer MaterialScience AG is one of the world’s largest
producers of polymers and high-performance plastics. Its
innovative developments in coatings, adhesives,
insulating materials and sealants, polycarbonates and
polyurethanes significantly enhance the quality of our

Crosslink St. Louis, Missouri, United States

Our mission and purpose at Crosslink is to continue our profitable growth, becoming the commercial leader in electroactive polymer (EAP) materials by providing our clients with leading solutions that provide step-change advancements to their products. Achieving this purpose means living our core business values every day.

Everlube Products Peachtree, Georgia, United States

Everlube Products is a pioneer and leader in solid film lubricant technology. We formulate, manufacture and market several leading product brands including E/M®, Everlube®, Lube-Lok®, Lubri-Bond®, Henderlube™, Perma-Slik®, Kal-Gard®, Ecoalube®, Ever-Slik®, Electrobond®, Esnalube™, Electrolube®, Formkote®, and Henco-Mask™. Our engineered coatings and dry film lubricants meet a wide variety of industry and military specifications for part and component performance.

Ferro Corporation Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Ferro is almost everywhere you look—in fact, the computer you’re using now probably contains our products on its circuit boards.

From your mobile device to your car to your coffee cup, our materials provide strength, beauty, protection or specific performance characteristics to products you enjoy and depend on every day.

Flame Control Coatings LLC Niagara Falls, New York, United States

Flame Control Coatings has been supplying High Quality Fire Retardant, Flame Retardant and Heat Resistant paint and coatings for over 30 years through major paint companies and independent paint stores from coast to coast. Most products are stocked for prompt shipment to our customers.

Our Fire Retardant paint and coatings have been tested and listed by many recognized testing facilities to reduce flammability or structural steel fire endurance and comply with building code requirements. Products available include Paints, Varnishes and Specialty Construction Products.

Halo Coatings - MKB, LLC Norwalk, Ohio, United States

Halo has developed, patented and commercialized the world's first, and only, truly effective, retro reflective powder coating - an extremely durable and cost effective finish that looks great by day and protects people and objects with over 1,000 feet of bright, life-saving visibility at night.

Heresite Protective Coatings, Inc. Manitowoc, Wisconsin, United States

Heresite Protective Coatings have been used for decades to solve corrosion problems in almost every industry.

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