Needed a non-stick coating for Alum mold for Poly-Iso foaming

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We are looking for a coating for our Foam molds

I am looking for some type of thin coating (.002 - .005) we can put on our Automotive Armrest foam tools.

We are trying to eliminate our use of the AMCOS mold release spray we use in our production process.

Our Armrest foam tools are made out of Aluminum, and we just tried NIBORE coating the tool and this process did not work as planned.

The foam we are using is a Bayer poly/iso mixture that is shot into a 135/degree water heated foam tool and is clamped shut. As the foam expands it sticks to the inserted retainer and the other side is shaped in the cavity side of the tool; currently this side of the tool is sprayed with the AMCOS mold release.
After the foam is cured the mold is opened and the foamed part is removed.

Let me know if you know of some type of proven Anti-stick mold release coating for foam tools.

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