PVDF Corrosion Resistant Coating

PVDF corrosion resistant coating (polyvinylidene fluoride) is based on a high molecular weight polymer of vinylidene fluoride with the predominant repeating unit -CH2-CH2-. It is a crystalline material whose melting point is 338 degrees Fahrenheit. Useful properties of the PVDF corrosion resistant coating is typically retained to temperatures as high as 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

What can make the PVDF corrosion resistant coating (also known by the trade name Kynar PVDF or others) favorable over PTFE, PFA, and FEP? After all, aren’t all the fluoropolymers recognized for their corrosion protection?

The answer is in the toughness, mechanical strength, and wear resistance of the PVDF corrosion resistant coating. Tensile properties are comparable to most engineering thermoplastics. Creep resistance is outstanding with the PVDF corrosion resistant coating and may sustain large stresses over a useful service life without measurable strain.

Wear rates and friction are becoming increasingly important against metals. And the need for corrosion protection is often an integral part. For these reasons, the PVDF corrosion resistant coating is very important for its mechanical properties and strong resistance to chemical corrosion. Advantages of the PVDF corrosion resistant coating is that they resist most chemicals and solvents, including oxidizers such as liquid bromine and bromine salt solutions.

The PVDF corrosion resistant coating is available in both powder and liquid dispersion. Advantages to choosing a powder-based coating are the higher builds that are attainable, which can be important in long-term, immersion based chemically corrosive environments. But many of the same characteristics can be seen from liquid dispersions, comparatively thin films of the PVDF corrosion resistant coating. These liquid forms of PVDF coating may prove beneficial over more intricate work pieces with complex surfaces, including medical and electronic devices.

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