PEEK Corrosion Resistant Coating

PEEK corrosion resistant coating (polyether etherketone), PEK (polyether ketone), and PAEK (polyaryl etherketone) are a family of partially crystalline engineering thermoplastics (plastic polymers) that can be used at high temperatures. These resins have excellent chemical resistance. Their high thermal stability comes from rigid ketone and phenyl groups, while their high strength and thermoplastic state below the decomposition temperatures come from the ether groups.

The PEEK corrosion resistant coating can have melting temperatures in excess of 650 degrees Fahrenheit, with mechanical properties retained to about 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tensile properties of the PEEK corrosion resistant coating are comparable to most engineering thermoplastics. Creep resistance is outstanding and may sustain large stresses over a useful service life without measurable strain.

Wear rates and friction are becoming increasingly important against metals. And corrosion protection is often an integral part. For these reasons, the PEEK corrosion resistant coating (and related polymers) is becoming increasingly important, as demands for their structural performance grow, particularly at elevated temperature.

Wear factors of the PEEK corrosion resistant coating, including PEK or PAEK, appear much less affected by load and speed components, independent of PV. Wear performance seems to be better at low pressures and high speeds, rather than high pressures and intermediate speeds. All display excellent resistance to wear over wide ranges of pressure, velocity, temperature, and counterface roughness.

Properties of the PEEK corrosion resistant coating now include the lubricating and non stick characteristics of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) but with much greater resistance to abrasion.

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