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Hale Performance Coatings Toledo, Ohio, United States

Hale Performance Coatings has been protecting metal surfaces from wear, friction, and corrosion for over seventy years, spanning three generations. First a pioneer in hard chrome plating technology, Hale Performance Coatings continues to evolve in metal finishing technology for exceptional surface performance and environmental stewardship.

Halo Coatings - MKB, LLC Norwalk, Ohio, United States

Halo has developed, patented and commercialized the world's first, and only, truly effective, retro reflective powder coating - an extremely durable and cost effective finish that looks great by day and protects people and objects with over 1,000 feet of bright, life-saving visibility at night.

Heresite Protective Coatings, Inc. Manitowoc, Wisconsin, United States

Heresite Protective Coatings have been used for decades to solve corrosion problems in almost every industry.

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