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Electronic Coating Technologies Schenectady, New York, United States

Electronic Coating Technologies is a privately held company offering North American electronics manufactures a turnkey Conformal Coating and Encapsulation service for printed circuit assemblies.

Located at our new facility at 185 Advance Blvd., Unit #8, In Brampton, Ontario, Electronic Coating Technologies uses the best in computerized selective coating equipment; computer controlled potting and encapsulating equipment and the latest in UV curing ovens and conveyors.

Electrum, Inc. Canada

Since 1990, Electrum has positioned itself to meet customer demand for solutions to their electroplating needs. We specialize in the highest quality gold and sliver electroplating as well as nickel, tin, and copper, painting and chemical coatings. Operating out of a 20,000 square foot, high capacity facility, Electrum has combined the latest technology with a proven commitment to quality. We provide precision electroplating for Montreal area customers in the electronics, telecommunications, hydroelectric, aero space and military industries.

Endura Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Canada

Manufacturer of high performance polyurethane and epoxy coatings. Product lines include, industrial paint systems, easy clean anti-graffiti coatings and environmentally friendly primers and topcoats.

Environmental Coatings, LLC Mesa, Arizona, United States

The mission of Environmental Coatings is to create environmentally friendly industrial coatings that are economical as well as protect and preserve the environment. We will not sacrifice quality, the environment, or our commitment to our customers. With 27 years of experience, our goal is to set the standards for our industry in quality, environmentally sound products and the lowest total cost of ownership for our customers.
Sewer Shield

Epner Technology, Inc. Brooklyn, New York, United States

Epner Technology, Inc. is a high-tech engineering and specification plating company. Its Laser Gold infrared reflective coating is world renowned and has been the NIST standard for some 20 years. Plating difficult metal substrates such as molybdenum, titanium and beryllium, and the plating of the engineering plastics such as Ultem, Teflon Torlon and Ryton, are a specialty of this hundred-year-old plating shop.

Everlube Products Peachtree, Georgia, United States

Everlube Products is a pioneer and leader in solid film lubricant technology. We formulate, manufacture and market several leading product brands including E/M®, Everlube®, Lube-Lok®, Lubri-Bond®, Henderlube™, Perma-Slik®, Kal-Gard®, Ecoalube®, Ever-Slik®, Electrobond®, Esnalube™, Electrolube®, Formkote®, and Henco-Mask™. Our engineered coatings and dry film lubricants meet a wide variety of industry and military specifications for part and component performance.

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