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CCI Thermal Spray / Manufacturing / Engineering Canada

Since its foundation in 1994, CCI Thermal Spray / Manufacturing / Engineering is specialized in resolving wear and/or corrosion problems on mechanical components by applying various specialized coatings as well as by manufacturing these high performance components.

In order to improve the performance of these mechanical components, CCI Thermal Spray / Manufacturing / Engineering invests each year in R&D. This enables us to be at the leading edge of anti-wear and anti-corrosion coating technology and to certify our coating procedures, which provides our customers continuous quality.

Ceramic Reinforced Technologies LLC Ketchum, Idaho, United States

Founded in 1997, CERAMIC REINFORCED TECHNOLOGIES (CRT) has focused on developing applications to take advantage of its patented ceramic reinforced fluoropolymer technology. The technology has demonstrated improved wear and film strength performance in most fluoropolymer applications versus a ceramic or fluoropolymer used individually and in particular PTFE.

To date, most of CRT’s work has been concentrated in polymer additives, processing aids, and lubricants. In these applications, CERFLON® additives have outperformed existing additives.

Creative Coatings Company. Inc. Warren, Michigan, United States

We provide Industrial, Military, Naval and Aerospace coatings that meet O.E.M. and Q.P.L. (Qualified Products List) requirements. Our new Inter-Mix system allows us to custom match coatings for any application.

Crosslink St. Louis, Missouri, United States

Our mission and purpose at Crosslink is to continue our profitable growth, becoming the commercial leader in electroactive polymer (EAP) materials by providing our clients with leading solutions that provide step-change advancements to their products. Achieving this purpose means living our core business values every day.

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