Les Placages Lasalle Inc.


930. rue McCaffrey Saint Laurent, Québec
H4T 2C7
Phone: (514) 733-8535
Fax: (514) 336-4826


Metal finishing and zinc plating no longer hold any secrets for Lasalle Plating. Since 1979, our family-run business has been a leader in the barrel plating and metal finishing industry. For decades, the hardware industry and decoration industry have benefited from our expertise in providing a beautiful lasting finish for their products.

What makes our company stand out from the competition is our qualified personnel. Our staff includes certified mechanics and chemists who provide insightful knowledge and know-how. Furthermore, we endeavor to stay in step with the latest technologies. In 2003, our company made an important technological upgrade to its metal finishing facility. Our installations were moved to a new location in Ville Saint-Laurent and we implemented a fully automated zinc plating line with a daily plating capacity of over 75,000 pounds. We've also implemented a semi-automated plating line for specialty finishes, such as nickel, copper and brass. These finishes are necessary for manufacturers of small decorative pieces and hardware. With our new metal finishing installations, we can offer high quality products and quick turnout time for our customers.

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