New Everlube® R-75 PTFE Solid Film Lubricant

Everlube Products PTFE solid film lubricant for wear plates, stampings, bearings

PEACH TREE CITY– GA Everlube® R-75 is a thermally-cured PTFE-based solid film lubricant ideal for lighter load-carrying applications in a variety of markets and applications.

From automotive to medical, the Everlube® R-75 PTFE solid film lubricant with polyamide-imide binder system offers excellent wear-life and very good heat stability, making it suitable for a variety of markets and applications. Examples include: automotive, semi-conductor, machine automation, stampings, wear plates, journal bearing races and sleeves, pumps, valves, and elastomeric products such as metering components.

Additionally, offers very good release (nonstick) properties suitable for tooling dies, mold cavities, pins, fittings and couplings.

“Everlube® R-75 is RoHS compliant and certified to NSF 61 Section 5,” says Charles J. Beall, Business Unit Manager for Everlube Products and CWST Group Technical Director. “Light metal surface designers in the medical industry can enhance the performance of their products.”

Color options are also available.

Everlube Products is a founder and trendsetter in the development and manufacture of solid film lubricants (also known as dry film lubricants). The company started developing and manufacturing solid film lubricants in 1953 when existing liquid lubricants failed to meet demands of emerging technologies. Following stringent quality standards, with its staff of dedicated and experienced coating engineers to answer customer questions, Everlube Products makes product recommendations and conducts advanced research on product development. Many of our products are lower in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or are water-based, which makes them environmentally safer.

Everlube® Products, a division of Metal Improvement Co., LLC, a business segment of Curtiss Wright Corp., formulates, manufactures, and markets several leading brands including: Everlube®, Lube-Lok®, Lubri-Bond®, Ecoalube®, Perma-Slik®, Kal-Gard®, Ever-Slik®, Electrobond®, Esnalube™, Electrolube®, Formkote®, and Henco-Mask™.

Solid Film Lubricants
Whether your application is aerospace, chemical processing, automotive, high performance racing, fasteners, pumps, valves, military and defense, industrial, or medical—Everlube® Products has your solution.

Air Dry Lubricants
Is your equipment or component already in service? No problem. For the MRO markets (maintenance-repair-overhaul) Everlube® Products approach the performance of thermally cured solid film lubricants, while providing the flexibility to be field-applied to a wide variety of substrates. Aerosol Air-Dry Lubricants are ready to use, without the need to add a solvent, making them ideal for use as a supplemental touch-up to the thermally cured products. Performance enhancements over traditional air-dry lubricants include: lower coefficient of friction, greater thermal stability, improved release, and superior corrosion resistance. Many of the Everlube® Products air-dry solid film lubricants are qualified to military and OEM specifications, such as MIL-PRF-46147C and MIL-L-23398.

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