Black Hole of Coatings Swallows Light

Laser Black™ Non-Reflective Coating by Epner Technology

Brooklyn, NY — For the designers of optics and vision-systems: imagine creating a surface so absorptive of light that a black hole in outer space comes to mind. For terrestrial uses, too, Laser Black™ by Epner Technology bonds to most metals and plastics.

"You can find us in the Hubble Telescope's Wide Field Camera, for example," says David Epner, president of Epner Technology. "But we are also used in aerospace, aircraft, automotive, computer, electronics, medical, telecommunications, and more.”

The secret to
Laser Black™
is its multilayer metallic oxide with micro-dendrite structure. Reflectance values reported by aerospace and governmental sources in the U.S. and abroad are impressive. The high-technology plating shows no flaking or chipping from ultrasonic cleaning in acetone. Additionally, because Laser Black™ is inorganic, the coating does not out-gas, and there are no negative effects at cryogenic temperatures.

Currently, the Maryland University Training Reactor (MUTR) is testing the irradiation of Epner Technology’s

So, the secret is out: a small, family-owned company in Brooklyn, New York, nearly a century old, is showing us plating technology in a whole new light.

is a high-tech engineering and specification plating company. Its infrared reflective coating is world renowned and has been the NIST standard for some 20 years. Plating difficult metal substrates such as molybdenum, titanium and beryllium, and the plating of the engineering plastics such as Ultem, Teflon, Torlon, and Ryton, are specialties.

The company was founded in 1910 and is still under third generation family management. Its first encounter with high-tech plating came in 1938 when Cohan-Epner, named after the founding partners, was asked to silver plate some of the earliest microwave RADAR systems for The Columbia (University) Radiation Labs.

Today, the company consists of some forty dedicated employees that include three chemical engineers and one PhD chemist in the Laboratory; some 130 combined years of plating know-how in those four people alone.

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