ALLTRAKOTE® from Diamond Star Coatings Resists Heat, Scratching or Corrosion, Is Self-Healing

ALLTRAKOTE® from Diamond Star Coatings Inorganic Copolymer Technology Resists He

Frankenmuth, MI—Global leader in inorganic copolymer coating technology offers exceptional protection from corrosion or heat with self-healing passivation.

Developed by Diamond Star Coatings, Alltrakote® is applied by conventional coil coating, air or airless spraying, electrostatic spray or dip. The environmentally-friendly coatings contain no VOCs, petrochemicals, fuel derivatives or toxic materials.

“Because our products are void of hazardous substances, they [ALLTRAKOTE®] can be shipped via DOT unrestricted, with no hazardous material license required,“ says Art Coleman, Detroit Technical Sales Representative for Diamond Star Coatings. “Trailers require no temperature regulation. is water based, but can be frozen solid, then simply thawed and mixed for immediate use.”

Shelf life recommended is one year.

With thermal stability in excess of 2,000 deg. F, high scratch resistance, insolubility in all organic solvents or water, and easy removal of fingerprints or graffiti, ALLTRAKOTE® is suitable for a variety of practical applications, including: tow hooks, ring gears, brake rotors, and passenger truck and SUV step rail extrusions. Coatings are weld-able—laser, TIG, MIG or HF.

ALLTRAKOTE® is applied directly to clean bare metal surfaces requiring no pre-treatments, rinses and primers, especially those that contain heavy metal compounds or other toxic or hazardous materials. Thus, costs are reduced, and the added expenses of waste handling and removal no longer apply.

ALLTRAKOTE® is available in clear and a number of other colors. Color matching is also available.

We invite you to discover the of our products with cost saving performance and ease of application.

is the global leader in inorganic, cross-linked, aqueous-based copolymer coating technology for exceptional performance.

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