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My question is about isos and voc's. We sell coatings for industrial and non-commercial purposes. This includes bed liners, floors, piping, warehouses, etc.... I balk at companies claiming 0 voc's and no isos everytime I see it. Especially when they are talking about isocyanates in polyurea.

There is obviously isos in polyurea because that's side B. So, is it a scam in the industry to state no isos? Spray lining a vehicle causes over spray EVERY time. Not some time, but EVERY time. Isn't that introducing isos into the environment, hence soliciting complaints from customers and other businesses in the area?

As far as I know, if someone is standing down wind of the spray then they are being exposed to dangerous cancer causing materials. I wouldn't complain, I would sue if it were me. So, how does this work? Is it the high pressure and reaction time of the material that allows for this to be publicized. Or, is it really a scam to say that your spray lining material is completely safe for the environment and people? Please give me some feedback.

This is just a jumping off point for broader discussion of this topic. Thanks and sorry for the ignorance in this.

My references :
spray lining complaint about VOC's

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