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2282 Albion Street
Toledo, OH 43606
United States
Phone: (800) 293-2501
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Hale Performance Coatings has been protecting metal surfaces from wear, friction, and corrosion for over seventy years, spanning three generations. First a pioneer in hard chrome plating technology, Hale Performance Coatings continues to evolve in metal finishing technology for exceptional surface performance and environmental stewardship.

Services include: HVOF, Black Oxide, Teflon®/Nickel, Electroless Nickel, Hard Chrome, Electropolish, Dyclad™, and more. Use in:

•Cutting Tools
•Bearings and bearing surfaces
•Molds for plastic parts
•Cold or warm forming equipment
•Aluminum and stainless steel drilling
•Engine and transmission components
•Dies for stamping, drawing, forming and blanking
•Standard-built pumps and meters

Hale Performance Coatings also provides fast turnaround on localized, on-line work. At our in-house lab, the stripping and plating solutions are carefully monitored to ensure each bath is etch free. We then provide you with charts to confirm uniformity. We do it in the time allowed – you set the schedule.

At Hale Performance Coatings , we are consistently updating our technology and re-educating our staff. Our people, and our methods provide state-of-the-art chrome plating faster and smarter than ever. It all adds up to power. The power to keep your ideas moving.

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