Superior Corrosion Protection From A Paint That Looks Like Stainless Steel

Corrosion Protection with New LAFRE Coating by Nihon Ruspert Co., Ltd.

Imagine a surface treatment resisting corrosion, tearing, impact and abrasion, thin film, the color of stainless steel. Did we mention it is a paint?

Developed by Nihon Ruspert Co., Ltd., a growing global company serving the architecture, automotive, marine, power and utility, building and construction, and other markets, LAFRE gives us new synergies from paint.

Also known as an "alloy coating", LAFRE is high-elastic, chrome-free, reinforced with flakes of stainless steel.

"Two thousand hours and higher salt spray are achieved, with or without cross hatch," reports Nature Du, marketing official for Nihon Ruspert Co., Ltd. "Whether spray- or dip-applied, a thickness of just five microns can be enormously effective in protecting metal surfaces from corrosion or wear."

How do you offer superior corrosion protection in thin film? Historically, the industry's answer was sacrificial corrosion prevention using zinc. LAFRE has drastically improved anti-corrosion performance due to the ionization tendency of tin and aluminum, combining all three types of metals (zinc, aluminum, and tin to an optimum level) whose binder is a strong inorganic silica resin.

Additional advantages include: elimination of electrolytic or pickling processes, no hydrogen embrittlement; an environmentally-friendly coating compliant with RoHS and EU directives, free of lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent or trivalent chrome. LAFRE is a coating process that creates no waste water.

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