Protective Coating Is Flexible Yet Stronger Than Steel

PAXCON® by LINE-X® LLC for blast- and spall-mitigation protects surfaces hard o

Santa Ana, CA –Revolutionary Energy Resistant Coating (ERC) is flexible yet stronger than steel to protect from spalling, fragmentation, in a variety of demanding applications.

PAXCON®, created and developed by LINE-X® LLC, is a high-performance, blast- and spall-mitigation protective coating technology based on polyurethane / polyurea―to address growing issues facing homeland security and anti-terrorist tactical development.

Ultra-strong, flexible PAXCON can be sprayed over virtually any surface hard enough to cause a projectile to spall, such as aluminum, ceramic, or steel. The protective coatings have been recognized by the U.S. military and defense industry for their high levels of protection.

In a ballistic attack, the most severe injuries (or fatalities) occur by projectile fragmentation or spalling. PAXCON mitigates this problem by contracting and encapsulating the fragments, trapping them in the PAXCON material, posing no secondary damage.

PAXCON® by LINE-X® can withstand blasts up to twenty times greater than a normal, uncoated wall, flexing but remaining intact, in the event of an explosion. The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers (USACE) in 2006 tests showed that LINE-X-protected buildings could withstand up to 1,100 pounds of explosives. Inner walls of the Pentagon are lined already, but civilian structures could also benefit by combatting the effects of natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes.

Given its ability to protect the softest of surfaces, too, from impact, other suitable uses for PAXCON to increase the survival rate would include body armor, products, objects, or structures from the damage of severe impact by sharp objects.

For over 20 years, LINE-X has provided its customers with high-performance protective coatings and technical expertise. We pride ourselves on solving complex problems with chemistry. That’s why each and every LINE-X applicator receives comprehensive product training, follows a multi-point inspection for quality control, and why our Product Development team puts each LINE-X product through rigorous physical testing.

There’s a reason the LINE-X name is synonymous with toughness — we work tirelessly as scientists, engineers, technicians, enthusiasts, and our own customers to ensure our product is the best that it can be.

LINE-X can be used to protect virtually anything. Our business is to prevent damage, corrosion, and deterioration — and the results speak for themselves. LINE-X has been used on everything from bridge supports to submarines. Companies around the world requiring corrosion-, abrasion-, and impact-resistant protection trust LINE-X to deliver high-performance coatings with a dedicated service network to ensure success.

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