Polyurethane Industrial Coatings Protect Metals and Plastics and Look Good Doing It

Covestro for industrial coatings extend product performance life, preserve look.

PITTSBURGH, PA– From lawn mowers to ladders, toys to tools, polyurethane (PU) based industrial coatings offer a high level of protection, beauty and performance.

Covestro’s extensive expertise in PU technology protect metals from corrosion and damage while preserving appearance over the product’s lifetime.

Solutions are customized to individual applications, including: industrial metal primers, topcoats, and direct-to-metal coatings.

For plastics, Covestro solvent borne and water-based formulations are available for primers, basecoats, topcoats, and clear coats to guard against weathering, scratches and exposure to chemicals, while maintaining an appealing finish. Soft-touch coatings are also available to give plastics a more pleasant feel.

For metal cans, Covestro formulations for interior coatings, basecoats and clear coats lead to an overall improvement of metal adhesion, flexibility, printability, and protection.

Covesto building blocks for coil coating systems feature an excellent balance between hardness and flexibility, with outstanding resistance to chemicals and superior weather stability.

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