An Introduction to Thermal Spray by Hale Performance Coatings (HPC)

HVOF and LVOF thermal spray coatings explained by Hale Performance Coatings.

TOLEDO, OH—Hale Performance Coatings (HPC) explains the differences between Low Velocity Oxygen Fuel (LVOF) and High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) types of thermal spray coating processes to consider for your own design.

“Low Velocity Oxygen Fuel (LVOF) is also known as Combustion Powder Thermal Spraying, Powder Flame Spraying and Spray Weld, to name a few,” explains Michael Wilson, Sales and Service Manager for Hale Performance Coatings (HPC). He adds, “this is the basic concept with thermal spraying which, still, today, is used widely in many markets and applications.

Many materials can be deposited with LVOF, including some ceramics, reports Hale Performance Coatings (HPC). Build-up is reasonably fast, about 0.003 to 0.005 inch, per pass, with accumulations of 0.100 inch or more attainable, while holding substrate surface temperatures less than 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

“High Velocity Oxygen Fuel, also known as HVOF, has excellent density in the thermal spray family,” Michael Wilson says. “This means outstanding corrosion protection. Bond strength, too, is exceptional, with some coatings exceeding 10,000 PSI.”

With the HVOF coating process, surface temperatures remain low, also less than 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Both coating processes, Low Velocity Oxygen Fuel (LVOF) and High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF), from Hale Performance Coatings, allow choice of a wide range of alloys for your design and surface properties that include: resistance to wear and corrosion, dielectric, and thermal barriers. Industries include: food processing, medical, industrial automation, and more.

Thermal spray coatings from Hale Performance Coatings are environmentally-friendly and solve mechanical, electrical and corrosion problems for lower costs of production and extended hardware life.

Hale Performance Coatings (HPC) has been protecting metal surfaces from wear, friction, and corrosion for over seventy years, spanning three generations. First a pioneer in hard chrome plating technology, Hale Performance Coatings continues to evolve in metal finishing technology for exceptional surface performance and environmental stewardship.

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