How Can CERFLON® Help Me?

CERFLON® patented ceramic-reinforced PTFE addtives

KETCHUM, ID – New technology dispersions and fluoro-ceramic powders create a synergistic effect, bring new meaning to additives for lower friction, improved wear resistance and heat management.

“Depending on specific carrier requirements,” explains Howard V. Leendertsen, CEO of Ceramic Reinforced Technologies,“ we now have concentrated CERFLON® dispersions in 150SN Mineral Oil, PAO, IPA, Mineral Spirits, Hexane, Water, Ester and Canola Oil formulations to suit a wide range of applications.” He adds, “We will also formulate in any other carrier you might need or desire, with no R&D associated cost.”

CERFLON® is a patented ceramic-reinforced fluoropolymer based on boron nitride; stronger and more durable, embedded in a matrix of PTFE, a unique class of plastic known for its excellent heat and chemical stability.

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