Everlube® PermaSlik “R” Series for PVD/CVD Coatings

Everlube® PermaSlik “R” series solid film lubricants for maximum performance

PEACHTREE CITY—GA PermaSlik “R” series products by Everlube Products adhere to conventional PVD/CVD coatings for exceptional performance.

Developed by Everlube Products, PermaSlik® “R” solid film lubricants bond to TiN, TiAlN, WC, SiN, SiC, B4C, DLC, and all metal carbides and nitrides.

“In performance racing, for example, this is especially important when extreme hard coatings like CrN or CrC are running against a cylinder wall or drive train component,” says Charles J Beall, Division Manager of Everlube Products. “Initial break-in is improved and proper wear of the surfaces are ensured.”

For mechanical elements, bearings, threaded connections, cams, gears, shafts and cutting tools, Permaslik® solid film lubricant series lower friction, extend wear life, eliminate galling, seizing and sticking. Heat stability and chemical resistance are outstanding.

PermaSlik® “R” series products require minimal pre-treatment. Special organo-metallic binder systems allow air-dry in minutes.

Everlube® Products, a division of Metal Improvement Co., LLC, a business segment of Curtiss Wright Corp., is a pioneer and leader in solid film lubricant technology. We formulate, manufacture and market several leading product brands including: Everlube®, Lube-Lok®, Lubri-Bond®, Ecoalube®, Perma-Slik®, Kal-Gard®, Ever-Slik®, Electrobond®, Esnalube™, Electrolube®, Formkote®, and Henco-Mask™.

Solid Film Lubricants
Whether your application is aerospace, chemical processing, automotive, high performance racing, fasteners, pumps, valves, military and defense, industrial, or medical—Everlube® Products has your solid film lubricant solution.

Air Dry Lubricants
Is your equipment or component already in service? No problem. For the MRO markets (maintenance-repair-overhaul) Everlube® Products air dry lubricants approach the performance of thermally cured solid film lubricants, while providing the flexibility to be field-applied to a wide variety of substrates. Aerosol Air-Dry Lubricants are ready to use, without the need to add a solvent, making them ideal for use as a supplemental touch-up to the thermally cured products. Performance enhancements over traditional air-dry lubricants include: lower coefficient of friction, greater thermal stability, improved release, and superior corrosion resistance. Many of the Everlube® Products air-dry solid film lubricants are qualified to military and OEM specifications, such as MIL-PRF-46147C and MIL-L-23398.

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