Corrosion Detection, Prevention & Mitigation

Battelle decreases costs through risk mitigation and operational improvement.

COLUMBUS, OH–Corrosion is a dangerous and costly issue facing oil and gas, marine environments, and more. Battelle can help you accurately monitor, assess, treat and mitigate corrosion-related damage to your infrastructure.

Battelle’s Smart Corrosion Detector® capsule detects and mitigates corrosion in a single step using an innovative encapsulation technology that triggers the release of healing chemicals as soon as corrosion is detected. Mix the beads into paints and coatings to provide superior corrosion protection for pipelines, offshore equipment and other critical infrastructure.

Additionally, Battelle is applying the latest advances in meta-genomics to advance the understanding of bio-corrosion processes and find new techniques for MIC (Microbially Influenced Corrosion).

For example, Battelle handheld field detection kits allow operators to diagnose MIC problems in just a couple of hours as opposed to days or weeks of waiting for lab results. Appropriate mitigation measures can now be taken immediately.

Battelle researchers are testing an innovative antimicrobial wrap for use on mooring chains and other offshore oil & gas equipment. The wraps prevent bacteria from building up on exposed surfaces to significantly slow down the development of MIC and extend the life of subsurface equipment.

Marine and Atmospheric Corrosion Studies
When you need to understand how your products, coatings, materials or equipment will hold up under real-world conditions, put them to the test at Battelle’s Florida Materials Research Facility. Our outdoor subtropical exposure facility is the only commercial ocean-front facility for subtropical exposure studies in the U.S., and is rated among the most corrosive environments in the country. We specialize in the evaluation of materials in a subtropical marine environment, including natural weathering, marine immersion, corrosion and dynamic testing.

From corrosion-fighting smart coatings to novel high pressure/high temperature materials, some of today’s most innovative breakthroughs in materials science start at Battelle. We’re working at the cutting edge of scientific discovery, from functionalized nanomaterials to sustainable bio-based solutions.

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