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Freestanding Dielectric Elastomers Offer New Capabilities in Actuation, Soft Robotics

A dielectric elastomer from NC State University, Raleigh, is enhanced with electroactive "bottlebrush" polymers that allow it to deform under relatively low electric fields and hold its final shape after the field is removed.

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The World of Design & Manufacturing Under One Roof

Highlights of the Pacific Design & Manufacturing, MD&M West, and other events include 3D printing for microfluidics and a medical sealer with RFID readers and an optical sensor.

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Electroforming Basics for Miniature and Specialized Components

Sponsored by Servometer

What is Electroforming? How does it actually work? Manufacturers have been using electrodeposition for centuries, but as

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9 Myths about Solar Panels

Many homeowners don’t think solar power is for them. The technology isn’t ready, or their location isn’t right, or maybe they plan on moving soon. The folks at Solar Authority...

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10 Myths About Diamonds

David Hardeman, Element Six

We debunk some of this most prevalent falsehoods associated with this unique engineering material.

We debunk some of this most prevalent falsehoods associated with this unique engineering material.

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Thermal Clad Optimal Design White Paper

Sponsored by Bergquist

This detailed white paper outlines the things to consider when designing circuits, including

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Thermoelectric Paint Could Convert More Waste Heat into Electricity

A thermoelectric paint would reduce heat losses by directly applying to any irregular or curved hot and cold surfaces.

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Success Through Failure: Making Products Better, Faster with Accelerated Stress Testing (AST)

Sponsored by Intertek

Accelerated Stress Testing can help you develop a product that offers high reliability and quality in

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FAQs on Liquid, One-Part Thermal Interface Material

Sponsored by Bergquist

What are Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs)? How do liquid TIMs compare to pads? How do one- and two-part...

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Composite Materials: Designing and Innovating In Real World Applications

Sponsored by IDI Composites International

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