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Testing Electric Propulsion

Could this be the future — a plane with many electric motors that can hover like a helicopter and fly like a plane, and that could revolutionize air travel?

Philips Unveils New Ultrasound Technology

Sarah Mangiola

Many new products and software were unveiled and demonstrated at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress 2014.

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From a Medical Past Comes a Bioprinting Future

At the University of Louisville, great strides are being made in the development of a bioficial heart.

Williams and his team are currently developing structures that are “pre-vascularized” so the blood flows at the lowest vascular level to keep these cells alive. Read more »

Electronic Noses Detect Chemical Warfare Gases

Researchers at the Polytechnic University of Valencia have developed a prototype electronic "nose" for the detection of chemical warfare gases, mainly nerve gas, such as Sarin, Soman, and Tabun.

NASA Completes Successful Tests on Composite Cryotank

NASA has completed a complex series of tests on one of the largest composite cryogenic fuel tanks ever manufactured, bringing the aerospace industry much closer to designing, building, and flying lightweight, composite tanks on rockets.

Chip-Based Platform Could Simplify Measurement of Single Molecules

Researchers at UC Santa Cruz have developed a new approach for studying single molecules and nanoparticles by combining electrical and optical measurements on an integrated chip-based platform. The device was used to distinguish viruses from similarly-sized nanoparticles with 100 percent fidelity.

Navy Develops Tougher, See-Through Ceramic Armor

Besides being transparent, the new armored windows would have a lower radar signature than currently used materials.

Engineers at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) have used nanotechnology to increase the toughness of the transparent spinel armor it currently uses on optics, sensors, and windows on ships and other vehicles.

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Company To Build Reactor and Supply Medical Industry with Moly 99

Eden Radioisotopes LLC plans on building a new type of reactor that will be able to supply enough molybdenum-99 (molly 99) to meet the medical needs of the entire world. Molly 99, with a 66-hr half-life, decays into technetium-99m, which has a 6-hr half-life.

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NASA System to Analyze Particles in Earth's Atmosphere

The Cloud-Aerosol Transport System (CATS), a new instrument that will measure the character and worldwide distribution of the tiny particles that make up haze, dust, air pollutants, and smoke, will do more than gather data once it’s deployed on the International Space Station this year. Read more »

Metallic Alloy Gets Tougher at Cryogenic Temperatures

A new concept in metallic alloy design — called "high‐entropy alloys" — has yielded a multiple-element material that tests out as one of the toughest on record. Unlike most materials, the strength and ductility of the alloy actually improves at cryogenic temperatures. Read more »

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