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Reducing Component Weight for Automotive Applications

Sponsored by Proto Labs

Government restrictions like CAFE standards are driving automakers to develop increasingly fuel-efficient vehicles. One way to do that is...

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FAQ's on Designing for Moldability

Sponsored by Proto Labs

What is rapid injection molding and when would I need it? What materials work with rapid injection molding? What tolerances...

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Eagerly Awaiting Word from Jupiter

The world awaits the plethora of images and information that Juno will gather in its mission around Jupiter.

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Selecting the Right Material for 3D Printing White Paper

Sponsored by Proto Labs

This industrial 3D printing white paper explores the properties of thermoplastic and metal materials available with...

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7 Manufacturers Committing to Reducing Carbon Emissions

Through its Technologists in Residence program, the Department of Energy supports seven major manufacturing companies in developing energy-saving technologies, products, and manufacturing processes.

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FAQs on Liquid, One-Part Thermal Interface Material

Sponsored by Bergquist

What are Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs)? How do liquid TIMs compare to pads? How do one- and two-part...

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Long Fiber Composites – High Performance Materials & Designs

Sponsored by PlastiComp

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Thursday, May 12, 2016 - 14:00 - 16:00

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What’s the Difference Between the Elastic Modulus and Kinetic Modulus?

How the elastic modulus fits into the kinetic modulus.

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Microalloying Strengthens Steel

Adding small amount of alloying elements can dramatically boost the strength and hardness of carbon steels.

Adding small amount of alloying elements can dramatically boost the strength and hardness of carbon steels.

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Guidelines for Reliable Operation of Electric Heating Elements within Superplastic Forming (SPF) Presses

Sponsored by Watlow

The superplastic forming (SPF) of standard titanium alpha-beta alloys, such as 6Al-4V, requires...

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