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Dr. Catharine A. Conley, Planetary Protection Officer, NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC
As NASA plans launches to Mars, Europa, and beyond, the agency's Office of Planetary Protection ensures that the environments are shielded against contamination, especially bacteria and microbes from Earth. Dr. Catherine Conley oversees and audits the planetary protection strategies for NASA's exploration missions.

What’s the Difference Between Types of Wear?

Find out the key factors in reducing wear that leads to costly damage to machinery.

Find out the key factors in reducing wear that leads to costly damage to machinery.

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Bringing 3D Printing Home—to Actual Homes

3D printing is moving into more industries and has been try to get traction industry.

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3D Printing Tips and Techniques 5: Prosthetics—the True HMIs

Jeff Erenstone, Create Prosthetics

e-Nable and 3D printed prosthetics sounds great, but there are a few tips presented here that can make huge impacts on those who are to use them regularly.

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Coming Soon - By the Numbers – Unique Algorithms for Optimizing Complex Operations

Innovators at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center have developed a patented peak-seeking algorithm that can optimize the performance of complex operations in real time.

RF & MW Control Products in Silicon

Analog Devices’ new RF and microwave (MW) switch and attenuator products implemented in advanced silicon process benefit inherent advantages of silicon technology compared to legacy counterparts using gallium-arsenide (GaAs). This paper provides highlights on features and key performance parameters of the new switch and attenuator products.

8 Tips for Lowering the Cost of Steel in Your Designs

Here are eight tips that can lead to stronger, lighter, and less expensive steel parts and products.

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Agriculture Risk Coverage Program Proves More Popular Than the Supplemental Coverage Option

The 2014 Farm Act provides eligible farmers new commodity support programs, including Agricultural Risk Coverage, Supplemental Coverage Option, and Price Loss Coverage. Findings reveal how various combinations of the programs affect producer revenues, producer well-being, and expected program costs.

New Solar Material Releases Heat on Demand

A layer-by-layer film developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology could harvest sunlight and release heat on demand hours or days later.

What’s the Difference Between Beam Diagrams?

Let’s examine some classic examples of beam diagrams and how they react in shear and bending.

This article examines some classic examples of beam diagrams and how they react in shear and bending.

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