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Guidelines for Reliable Operation of Electric Heating Elements within Superplastic Forming (SPF) Presses

Sponsored by Watlow

The superplastic forming (SPF) of standard titanium alpha-beta alloys, such as 6Al-4V, requires...

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Five Basic Steps of the Electroforming Manufacturing Process

Sponsored by Servometer

What is Electroforming? How does it actually work? Manufacturers have been using electrodeposition for centuries, but...

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High Performance Plastic Materials Guide

Sponsored by Craftech

With so many plastic materials on the market, how can you chose the best grade for your application? This guide includes...

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5 High Performance Plastics for the Semiconductor Industry

Sponsored by Craftech

High performance plastics play a vital role in the semiconductor industry because of their special...

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A Guide to Plastics Engineered for Strength

Sponsored by Craftech

Looking for a strong engineering plastic? With thousands of plastic grades on the market, choosing the right one for...

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No Other Forming Process Offers More Material Choices for Structural Components than Powder Metallurgy

Sponsored by MPIF

In many, but not all cases, the PM process transforms metal powder into components used for structural applications, for example...

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Rapid Manufacturing for Production Parts

Sponsored by Proto Labs

Do rapid manufacturing techniques work in the production setting? When does DMLS make...

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Piezoelectric Products Feature Flex Circuits

Mide’s piezoelectric products offer piezo wafers sandwiched between thin flexible circuits

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A Quick Way to Measuring the Hardness of Foams

Measuring the “hardness” of soft, spongy elastomers—foams—is an inexact science.

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Replacing Metal with Plastic

Jeff Kerns

Plastics can make parts lighter and stronger, but that is only the tip of the iceberg.

In a famous scene from the movie The Graduate, the young hero is advised that “there’s a great future in plastics,” a prediction that echoed reality. Now, plastic is aiding the driving force to make products...

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