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Opportunities for Tin in Photovoltaics

Rapid growth in the photovoltaic industry has resulted in equally rapid growth in consumption of the materials used for manufacturing PV cells and modules. This, in turn, has led--and will continue to lead--to tremendous opportunities for the suppliers and others involved with these materials, in addition to the device makers themselves. Read more »

Materials Developments to Enable Roll-to-Roll Printing of CIGS Photovoltaics

Significant efforts are underway to enable the use of roll-to-roll printing to manufacture CIGS PV cells. NanoMarkets believes that these will result in significant new business revenues. Our research suggests that inks for the CIGS absorber layer will grow from $8.4 million in 2011, to close to $189 million in 2016, about 18 percent of total revenues for the CIGS absorber layer materials. Read more »

Opportunities for Nanomaterials as Conductive Coatings

Recently completed market analysis conducted by NanoMarkets and published in our recent study, "Conductive Coatings Markets: 2009 and Beyond" indicate that by far the fastest growing opportunity in the conductive coatings market at the present time lies in the area of nanomaterials. While negligible in 2009, NanoMarkets expects sales of conductive coatings using nanomaterials to reach more than $625 million by 2016. Read more »

E-Paper Marches Forward

E-paper was last year's curiosity display, challenging established display technologies in a few low-end applications such as electronic shelf labels (ESLs) and successfully entrenching itself in a new application realm: the e-book reader. A few companies had a few products here and there, representing a few technologies.
In just one year, the story has changed considerably. A growing slate of technologies is now in play from a whole new raft of competitors that have moved beyond the prototype stage to offer real products. The e-paper technology contestants now include: Read more »

Bright Opportunities for Indium

The indium market is dominated by a single product: indium tin oxide (ITO)—the main transparent conductor used by the display industry and others requiring both conductivity and transparency in the same material. The photovoltaics (PV) industry does consume some of this ITO, but it is certainly not the largest consumer. Instead, PV represents the fastest growing application for indium, even when excluding the ITO portion of this consumption. Read more »

ITO Replacement to Impact OLED Devices

In spite of the worldwide recession, interest remains strong in OLEDs. Mobile phone manufacturers continue to shift from LCD panels in favor of OLED panels for their products. Pent up consumer demand for thin, high-quality OLED televisions and computer monitors make every mention of commercial production plans (or conjecture about production plans) a lead story in display industry news outlets. Read more »

Silver's Role in Solar Energy

The solar industry isn't the largest consumer of silver, but it is a growing market that could give silver producers a boost. Most of the markets that silver serves follow traditional supply-demand economics and therefore competition is based on price, product line, and service, for example. Read more »

The Future of Printed Batteries

A variety of small, low-cost batteries have powered electronics for generations and with considerable success. These batteries come in an assortment of chemistries and are used for different applications. For example, primary batteries using carbon zinc are inexpensive power sources for flashlights and toys. Single-use alkaline chemistries last longer, but are a bit more expensive. Uses include calculators, smoke detectors and other consumer goods. Secondary batteries include lead-acid chemistries used in automobiles and lithium-ion batteries used in portable devices. Read more »

The Point of Thin-Film Batteries

Many of the actual or envisioned applications for printable and organic electronics--and low-performance electronics more generally--require their own power sources to make them function. Cases in point include active RFID tags, electronic shelf labels (ESLs), active cosmetic/drug delivery patches, low-cost medical diagnostic products, remote sensor arrays, powered smart cards and smart packaging of various types. This is simply because they are "mobile" devices and therefore cannot be plugged into the wall (e.g., smartcards) or are not likely to be near a socket (e.g., ESLs). Read more »

Future Applications of Conductive Coatings

Conductive coatings cover a wide variety of applications and materials. In many cases, applications for conductive coatings are so mature and the materials that are actually used to support these applications so established, that they do not represent an opportunity in any real sense. But there are also other parts of the conductive coatings markets that seem likely to produce new business revenues in the not-too-distant future. Read more »

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