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Medical Diagnostics: An Opportunity for Printed Electronics

Over the past two decades, more accurate, convenient and earlier diagnoses have become a key strategy to reduce medical costs. This trend toward improved diagnostic technology will only grow in importance in the future as the first Baby Boomers turn seventy (in 2011) and as millions of people in less-developed nations begin to utilize more Western healthcare technology as their countries grow richer. In addition, healthcare experts have come to believe that diagnoses are most effectively delivered if they are made as close to the patient as possible. Read more »

BIPV as Marketing Strategy

Lawrence Gasman
Principal Analyst
NanoMarkets LC
The photovoltaics industry will need to remake itself in the post-recession era. The days of hyper-growth are gone for now and at NanoMarkets we believe that the industry will increasingly face a new set of challenges that two years ago would have been glossed over as "nothing much to worry about." Three looming problems that NanoMarkets' sees as particularly serious for the industry are: (1) commoditization, (2) building aesthetics, and (3) costs of PV to consumers. Read more »

Fluorosilicone rubber

F273 fluorosilicone rubber resists high pressures, jet fuels and synthetic turbine lubricants, and temperatures from -70 to 200°C. The material has hardness of 74 Shore A, 858-psi tensile strength, 122% elongation, and 782-psi tensile modulus at 100% elongation.
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Post-consumer content resins

Post-consumer content (PCC) resins use between 1 and 100% recycled plastic and meet customers' color, conductivity, flame retardancy, structural, or wear requirements. PCC versions of nylon (PA), polycarbonate (PC), and polyethylene terephthalate (PET), as well as alloys of these resins are available.
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Superconductors Play Vital Role in the Smart Grid

Superconductors and their Role in the Smart Grid
High-temperature superconductor (HTS) cables can carry an order of magnitude greater power than traditional cabling and conduct electricity at near zero resistance. Smart Grid Analysis believes there is considerable potential for this new type of cabling to be deployed in the power grid to increase grid capacity, integrate renewable energy, and enhance reliability and security, all key requirements of the Smart Grid vision. Read more »

New product: Conformal coating adhesive

 UV10LV, a clear, non-conductive, UV-curing conformal coating, protects electronics from moisture, dust, chemicals, and temperatures up to 300°F. It has a refractive index of 1.55 and a volume resistivity of 1014 ohm/cm.
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New product: Olefin film resin

TOPAS 9903D-10 cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) film extrusion resin is an amorphous, transparent, moisture-blocking, polymer. It has a 33°C glass transition temperature for low-temperature shrinkage, a 100 ksi tensile modulus, and a 0.9 melt flow index.
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CAD files only a click away

All servo gearbox CAD files are only a click away in Wittenstein’s Product Selector. Files are available in DXF, IGES, STEP, Parasolid and PDF. Wittenstein’s Product Selector also created part numbers for easy customer reference.

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