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Caps & Plugs Application Guide

Sponsored by Essentra

Choosing the right cap or plug to protect your application can be challenging. Our guide provides an

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Interview: Printed Copper Inks Now Available for Conductive Patterns

PV Nano Cell's Fernando de la Vega talks with Machine Design about how copper-based inks stack up against their silver counterparts.

PV Nano Cell's Fernando de la Vega talks with Machine Design about how copper-based inks stack up against their silver counterparts.

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Cutting Design-to-Market Risks - A New Paradigm for Rapid Prototyping

Companies are all under pressure to deliver products to market faster.
Empowering professional designers; shrinking lead times; unleashing creativity. Those are the demandsread more

The Benefits of Using CNC Aluminum and 3D Injection Molding

Sponsored by Proto Labs

For short production runs and prototyping, it is cost effective to use 3D printed molds or CNC aluminum molds versus

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Selecting the Right 3D Printing Process and Material

Having a better understanding about industrial 3D printing can help minimize risk and questions about whatread more

Choosing Materials for Test and Production Fixtures

Cabe Atwell

What types of materials do you keep on hand for projects? Here is a selection made up of easy-to-work-with, strong, and inexpensive materials.

This article is full of advice from my engineering experiences devising and constructing fixtures and test equipment for research and production. Read more »

Powder Metal Technologies: Designing with Innovation to Support your Unique Applications and Cost Requirements

This webinar will help you understand the potential cost effective savings and design opportunities you can achieve usingread more

3 Factors Affecting Your Seals' Life Span

Robert LaPlante, Product Engineering Manager, Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies

An expert in the field offers a review of key factors that reduce a radial shaft seal’s life span.

Radial shaft seals (RSSs) are the classic sealing solution when it comes to rotating shafts. Read more »

What Engineers Should Know about Zinc-Nickel Coatings

George Gatto, Jr., Gatto Industrial Platers Inc., and Tarek Nahlawi, Randy Kramer, and Jamie Flesch, Dipsol of America Inc.

They protect against corrosion, wear, and thermal stress, but are not always applicable.

The development and practical application of electroplated zinc-nickel alloy coatings began during the 1980s, and its acceptance and use have grown slowly...

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Safer Air Travel with Weaponized Dragonfly Wings

Cabe Atwell

Researchers turn to the wings of the dragonfly for potential air-passenger safety from infectious agents.

The general focus on improving air travel usually involves faster, safer, lighter, and more fuel-efficient aircraft. But another safety concern is disease transmission because the airtight flying metal cylinders...

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